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The side effects of cataracts include glares or halos around lights, difficulty reading or driving, and even double vision.


Initially, you may be able to reduce the impact cataracts have on your vision with eyeglasses or using stronger lighting when reading or driving.

Cataracts, a clouding of the eye's natural lens, is most likely to occur in people who are over the age of 60.


Currently, there is no medical treatment

to reverse or prevent the development

of cataracts, but the Cross Roads Eye Center has several surgical options to remove them.

Cataracts Develop Slowly and Can Be Removed

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Cataracts Will Negatively Affect Your Vision

Cataract surgery is generally a safe, outpatient procedure where we will remove the lens of your eye.


Our medical team will replace your clouded lens with a clear, artificial one to help you see clearly again, and to help improve your quality of life.

Cataract Surgery is a Very Common Procedure

If you think you're developing cataracts or you've been diagnosed with one, make sure you speak about when you should schedule your surgery the members of our experienced team.

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