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Dry eye

You may find relief from your dry eyes from over-the-counter eye drops, artificial tears,

or even through behavioral modifications.


Staring a computer screen all day or frequently facing a box fan can be hard on your eyes. Making small changes like taking frequent breaks or moving the fan can help.

While dry eyes may seem like a nuisance that you have to live with, it could actually worsen over time without the proper treatment.


Dr. Wooten and the rest of our knowledgeable team at Cross Roads Eye Center can review a variety of options for treating dry eye with you.

Dry Eye Evaluation and Treatment Specialists

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Simple and Affordable Treatment Options

If OTC methods haven't eased your symptoms, you may need to look at prescription-strength drops or in-office treatment options.


These methods are designed to make you secrete more tears and to decrease your eyes' irritation and inflammation.

Prescriptions and In-Office Procedures

From glaucoma and cataract treatments to your annual eye exam and filling your prescription for eye glasses or contact lenses, you can do it all at our office.

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