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Eye injury
  • Do NOT touch, rub or apply pressure to the affected eye

  • Do NOT try and remove any object that's stuck in your eye

  • Do NOT apply any ointments or medications to your eye

  • See Dr. Wooten or an emergency room physician as soon as possible

Whether you've suffered an eye injury at work, at home, or at play, Cross Roads Eye Center understands how serious it can be.


If you've suffered an eye injury, contact us or your local emergency room as quickly as possible to help prevent further damage and to avoid infection.

Tips to Help You Heal From

Eye Injuries

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How to Handle Any Type of

Eye Injury

  • Shield your eye with a paper cup. You can tape the bottom of the cup to the bones surrounding your eye for stability

  • Do NOT rinse with water, remove a stuck object, rub or apply pressure to your eye, or take aspirin or another drug that may thin your blood

  • See a doctor immediately

Steps to Take If Your Eye has Been Cut or Punctured

  • Do NOT apply any pressure, but gently cover the eye with a cold compress to reduce swelling and pain

  • If you experience pain or a visual disturbance as the result of a black eye, seek immediate medical attention. Even a light blow can cause significant injury

What to do if you get a blow to the eye

How to deal with sand or small debris in your eye

  • Do NOT rub your eye

  • Flush your eye with an eye wash. If the debris doesn't come out, lightly bandage your eye and visit our office

Treatment for chemical burns

Flush your eye with lots of clean water immediately.

Go to the ER right away.